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Applecrest Hemp


Full Spectrum Hemp & CBD Products

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Full Spectrum Water Soluble extract

Our water soluble, whole plant hemp extract is crafted using solvent-free,  CO2 based supercritical extraction and nanoemulsification for rapid delivery. 


smokable flower

Our smokable flower is hand trimmed and cured slowly for optimal flavor and potency. Available in bags or pre-roll packages. 

full Spectrum
Hemp-Derived CBD

All Applecrest Hemp Collective products are derived from plants grown in our Hugo, Minnesota facility. Growing plants indoors eliminates the need for pesticides or other harsh chemicals that are often used by hemp farmers. By closely monitoring and controlling the growing environment, we can ensure only the highest quality hemp is produced and crafted into Applecrest Hemp Collective products.

Plant genetics are carefully chosen to ensure success right from the start. Once those plants reach peak potency, only the hemp flowers are harvested, dried and cured by hand to maintain their quality. Less potent leaves, trimmings and fiber are repurposed or recycled.


Next, a limited amount of top shelf flower is set aside for smokable CBD flower products and the remaining flower is processed using our in-house lab. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology, we use a solvent-free, CO2 based supercritical extraction method to obtain premium whole hemp extract. This extract maintains all the important cannabinoids and terpenes the plant produces. For certain products, we then use nanoemulsification for further processing to create a water soluble, CBD rich hemp extract solution.

Unlike other companies, we truly control the process, from seed to sale. 


“My joints felt better almost immediately, and I no longer need to regularly take over the counter pain relievers.”

Max H, tennessee


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